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food revolution – jamie oliver

I used to really enjoy watching Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef program on the Food Network.  I loved his casual style to producing wonderful meals with very simple preparation of good ingredients. I have a few of his cookbooks. I have … Continue reading

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dinner at the farm

Remember my comments about the secrets behind the appeal of the books by Mayes, Mate and Mayle? One of them is to share the fun of food and fellowship. Well, here goes an attempt at that. Last Saturday one of … Continue reading

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wine around the year

Wine at the farm can be a good thing, maybe best consumed after you are done playing with the power tools . I have come to realize that warm mulled wine in the cool months and chilled sangria in the … Continue reading

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quick lunch/dinner ideas

Life is busy but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw together something pretty tasty on short order.  A central food item to build around is crostini, or simply put, stuff on toasted bread.  Having some good, fresh bread handy, a … Continue reading

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As a kid, I can remember the gag reflex that would occur when I was seated in front of a plate of spinach from the can, either at home or school.  I can recall sitting at the dinner table for … Continue reading

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We love both sun-dried tomato pesto and traditional basil pesto. I will share ways that you can use them in another blog entry. Depending on where you live, either pesto can be found in your grocery store, although, I will … Continue reading

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Irene is coming through NC today.  Here in Raleigh it is just wind and rain.  Nothing too bad.  We lost power for an hour, but had the generator kick in.  The internet was out for several hours.  I suspect the … Continue reading

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apple tree mystery

During the first summer at the farm we saw that the apple tree, which is right outside the back kitchen window, was loaded with apples. During early September we tasted a few and they were ripe.  Over a weekend or … Continue reading

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