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converging thoughts – conclusion

And now for the “so what do I want to do with these thoughts”. I have a farm and I have resources.  I may not have time for a full time second job, but I think I have an idea … Continue reading

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mulch, weeds and

An update on the bees. Last fall Dad got it into his mind that he wanted to hire a tree service to clean up the line of cedars along the driveway. He, and sometimes I, had been working on cleaning … Continue reading

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irrigation installed

And some comments on the bees… I slipped up last Thursday after work with the goal of getting the drip system functional. The forecast was for hot dry weather and the young plants needed the moisture. Recall last weekend, I had … Continue reading

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dinner at the farm

Remember my comments about the secrets behind the appeal of the books by Mayes, Mate and Mayle? One of them is to share the fun of food and fellowship. Well, here goes an attempt at that. Last Saturday one of … Continue reading

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irrigation tips

Jeff Banks, the author of the original paper where I got idea for the drip system, and I have been corresponding on my sludge issue. I am going to include the chronology of the discussion here. I think there are … Continue reading

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The farmhouse was built in 1877, we understand from the previous owners, who had restored the house. It is a fairly typical style house from the period, “2 up, 2 down”. In the main house there is an entry way … Continue reading

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irrigation 2012

Hmm, I think I may have figured out another reason the muse has been a bit silent.  The older son started middle school this year.  That has led to 5:30am alarms to get him off to school.  Sort of puts … Continue reading

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dad’s induction to tennessee aviation hall of fame

We are in Sevierville, Tennessee for the weekend. Sevierville is about 10 miles from Dad’s Granddad’s farm site, that is now under the Douglas Reservoir.  I didn’t realize till just recently, but Dad was actually born at his Granddad’s farm. … Continue reading

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power to the grid, the system

I had been thinking about doing a solar panel project at the farm for quite awhile. In addition to doing something good for the environment, the tax credits had a lot of appeal. In North Carolina there is a tax … Continue reading

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which farm?

I will admit that I was further along in my thinking about buying a farm than my wife.  I thought I would try to ease her into the idea by looking at a few farms.  I knew that part of … Continue reading

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