Harvest and Weed over Memorial Day Weekend


It’s me again – The Wife – but now I have my own account;)

Yesterday we weeded and harvested.  I now have a ton of red onions and some beets.


The Harvest

Huge Beets

Huge Beets, especially when placed next to a normal size lemon

All the beets and a few turnips

All the beets and a few turnips


I'm saving this turnip. The greens came up on their own. We'll see how this progresses.

Red Onions

Holy onions - need to start thinking of recipes for using all of these :)

The Garden
The garden looked pretty good. Here are a few pictures.

Herb bed

Cilantro is seeding nicely. Basil (middle) still growing. Oregano (closest) is coming back - amazing.


If you look closely, you'll see more ginger has come up than last week. Perhaps it's not a hopeless cause after all.


Looks like all the pepper plants survived the planting last weekend.


The tomatoes have practically doubled in size. I saw a few more blooms.


That’s all for now.  Need to get cracking on dinner.  The husband should be back from the neighborhood pool soon with hungry kids.

Will make a roasted beet salad with goat cheese…

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