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This is the wife. By some last minute changes in weekend plans, I find myself enjoying a quiet morning at the farm without kids. The hubby is out feeding the bees after having some coffee and sugar cake. I’ve always wanted to blog about the garden, more for my own benefit of remembering what we did than for any other reason. Today seems like a good day to start given I have no other distractions.

Yesterday, we harvested, weeded and planted. I have a feeling this is going to be a common theme throughout the blog entries.


I have been wanting to grow ginger for quite some time. My small attempt last year was a bust. This year, I consulted with the expert, my grandmother. She and my aunt got me set up with some ginger that had already begun to sprout. I planted ginger in two beds (each is 4′ x 16′) at the farm. Most of it is not coming up – but I’m still hopeful. Here’s one that looks promising:

Sprouting Ginger

This ginger seems to be doing well

We planted 30 peppers and eggplant plants yesterday.

Peppers just planted

Peppers just planted


Eggplant just planted with lemongrass in the middle

Eggplant just planted with lemongrass in the middle

Purple Potatoes

Purple potatoes are doing well

Purple potatoes are doing well and there were no potato beetles that we saw

I didn’t see any tomatoes but the plants seem to look healthy. I saw a few flowers on the middle bed.  This year we went with three tomato beds instead of the normal four since we needed one for the purple potatoes.


Tomatoes needed some tucking into the cages

We had artichokes for dinner last night from the garden. The hubby steamed them with olive oil and garlic. They were yummy and tender. We shared them with our friend ZA (he’s from South Africa). It was his first artichoke. I’m not sure he liked it but he was a good sport about it. A lot of work for a little bit of yum (much like escargot???).

I saw a few more little ones last night. Here’s one:



We have two strawberry beds. Both are doing well. Weeding seems to help. The strawberries are small but very sweet. They never make it into the house since the picker usually eats it before stepping away from the bed.

Two strawberry beds

Two strawberry beds. Berries are small but very sweet.

The peas are doing great this year. We planted them earlier and that may have made a difference. Last year the plants did well but we didn’t get many peas – perhaps it got too hot.

We had some with dinner last night. We ate them fresh, no cooking, no seasoning. Yum Yum.

The fava plant isn’t doing too well this year. We have some flowers but not a lot of pods.

Peas on fencing with Fava bush in back

Peas on fencing with Fava bush in back. Peas doing great. Fava not so well.

The onions are doing great this year. The hubby said to not pick until we can consume so they will stay in there beds a bit longer. I may pick more next weekend, cook with some, and saute some with garlic and olive oil and save for future meals…

Here’s a close up of a red onion.

Red onion looking good

Red onion looking good

The garlic is doing great. Earlier in the spring I harvested some garlic greens and cilantro to make chutney. It freezes well and can be used as a dip or to doctor up hummus. I also like it in baba ganoush but some people have a hard time with green baba ganoush.

We have two beds and they should be ready to harvest soon.

Two beds of garlic almost ready

Two beds of garlic almost ready

Apple Tree
The apple tree in the garden has some little apples. They look promising. We just need to get to them before the birds do!

Apple tree in the garden

Apple tree in the garden

The asparagus is growing strong. We read to let it grow for a few seasons and let the roots develop. Next season, they should be ready to harvest.

Asparagus is having a bad hair season

Asparagus is having a bad hair season

The End
Enough time spent blogging. Need to get back into the garden

Until next time…
The Wife

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