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tomatoes caddyshack

No, this posting is not about using a variety of means, including high explosives, to rid the garden of gophers.  In fact the good news is that the cinder blocks, used to cover the “groundhog crawl under places” in the … Continue reading

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Irene is coming through NC today.  Here in Raleigh it is just wind and rain.  Nothing too bad.  We lost power for an hour, but had the generator kick in.  The internet was out for several hours.  I suspect the … Continue reading

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tractor coma

It is almost time to crank up the tractor and bush hog for the second mowing of the fields this year. It usually takes about 14 hours to make a pass through all of the fields. I have learned the … Continue reading

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splitting the hives

A few weeks ago Thursday after work, I drove over to Chapel Hill to Busy Bee Apriary to pick up my two new queens. They have quite a queen rearing setup in action.  I have read about what it takes … Continue reading

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apple tree mystery

During the first summer at the farm we saw that the apple tree, which is right outside the back kitchen window, was loaded with apples. During early September we tasted a few and they were ripe.  Over a weekend or … Continue reading

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power to the grid, the system

I had been thinking about doing a solar panel project at the farm for quite awhile. In addition to doing something good for the environment, the tax credits had a lot of appeal. In North Carolina there is a tax … Continue reading

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I had ordered the Introductory Honey Extraction Kit from Brushy Mountain Bee Supplies. The extractor (think centrifuge) can hold two deep frames or 4 medium/shallow frames. There is a frame uncapping station, a uncapping knife and … Continue reading

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irrigation 2010/2011

I have been promising a posting on the irrigation system for awhile. I am on a long flight cross country and it seems like it would be a good time bring you up to date. As you recall from the … Continue reading

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In the posting on building the fence around the garden, you may recall that there had been a discussion with the wives after my nephew and I came in the house from hanging the fencing. It had something to do … Continue reading

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dad’s toys

I think I should first explain that Dad was a fighter pilot in the Air Force for over 30 years. I have listened to him tell stories of flying and it is clear that he really loves it. I remember … Continue reading

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